Attitude of Gratitude

It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Life gets completely crazy busy, and I lose sight of what’s good in my world. I’ve been teaching middle school literature classes for the last couple of weeks. I love what I’m doing, but I’m so tired at night that I’m unconscious by 9pm. I’m treading water. Tears have been shed, most of them mine. But it will be okay. Today, I will be grateful.

Our pipes froze and burst, soaking a lot of stuff in our garage. But it was all good. The repair was in the most accessible place possible and took only 20 minutes for the plumber to fix, and the bill was very affordable. The really good part is that this incident alerted us to potential problems that we should be able to prevent going forward. And the boxes of ruined things I carted to the curb were things we really didn’t need anyway.

Squish has no ability to sleep in. I’m tired, my husband is tired. On weekends, we’d like nothing more than to just sleep until we can’t sleep any more. Currently, Squish’s feet hit the ground at 6am, school or no school. There is no rest for the weary. But the kid is a total morning person, and he really is a delight. He’s at his most entertaining before the sun comes up.

I can wake up to this face. Couldn't you?

I can wake up to this face. Couldn’t you?


I am too tired to write. But it’s times like this I know how much my husband loves and supports me. When my half-day at school turned into a full day, he took off work a little early to bring me lunch. And the next morning, he got up with Squish so I could sleep. After I took a shower, I came back to my room and found he had set up my writing station, complete with my cup of coffee. And he sent me out of the house to write today. Forget Valentine’s day. My whole life is Valentine’s Day right now.

I am frustrated at having no time to write. Which means I still enjoy it and need writing in my life. It would be sad if I didn’t care. I have so many opportunities that are presenting themselves. I’ve been invited to contribute to a site in my own city, which is exciting and may open some new doors, and I’m trying my hand at short stories for the first time since this one. Go ahead and click over, if not for my story then for the Severus Snape gif that makes me a little teary-eyed. Snape loves me, he really loves me. I’m going to have this new story whipped into shape by February 15.

I’m ready for winter to be over. I hate driving in the snow. My road is off-the-beaten path and is oft neglected by snowplow and salt truck. When school was dismissed early a couple of weeks ago due to unexpected snow, we almost didn’t make it home. Our neighborhood is hilly any way I go. I chose the most likely path, and it was the wrong one. I couldn’t get up the hill, and when I tried to back up, I lost control of my van on a narrow road with deep drop-offs on either side. I prayed harder than I’ve prayed in a long time. When I finally let up on the steering wheel, the skid righted itself and I eased in to a driveway so I could turn around. I felt God telling me “You’re holding on too tight.” And He was right. My whole life of late has consisted of fighting to control things that just aren’t meant for me. I’m letting go of the things I’m not the boss of. The Serenity Prayer is my mantra. And I feel free.

Besides, if Squish slept late, and if it were summer, would I have ever seen this?

Besides, if Squish slept late, and if it were summer, would I have ever seen this?

What are you grateful for this day?



41 thoughts on “Attitude of Gratitude

  1. I am grateful that, though I did not sleep well last night, the fact I got to rest all day yesterday (virtually) means that I don’t feel depleted the way I have most days recently.

    Though my son’s first words for me this morning were, “I don’t want you here. I want Auntie!” (who watched him last night and put him to bed), I took that as a moment to be thankful we have loving family close by.

    And I am thankful for a short work week, and a long weekend. Oh, am I ready!

    I hope the week is kind to you.

  2. Oh my gosh, that’s a gorgeous sunrise! I love when they (and sunsets) have a lot of pink/purple, and this one definitely has that!

    I’m grateful my parents are so supportive of me, and are happy to have me at home while I look for what the heck I want to do with my life 🙂 I’m grateful for memories of fun times playing in the snow, either at home or with my cousins — like building snow beings (there’s a photo from when I was eight or nine, at my grandparents’ old house in Cleveland, with my uncle and some of us standing around what we couldn’t decide whether it was a giant rabbit or a kangaroo XD ) and sledding down my cousins’ street one very quiet (i.e. no cars coming or going) day after Christmas. Nowadays, even though I spend most of my time indoors, avoiding the cold, I at least try to make one snow angel to mark the season.

  3. I am grateful for warm people who take the time to share their hearts and talents with me – who care enough to mentor others, choose to appreciate the blessings in life when it would be so easy to focus on the bad. I am grateful for teachers who care with eyes looking, straining to find the good in those they teach. I am grateful for forgiveness for the days when I fail…fail so miserably. Thank you sweet lady for sharing your heart and your beautiful words with us. Squish makes me smile.

  4. I am grateful for more things than I can count, but I know you’re one of them, lady. (And Squish’s FACE! Look at that face! I don’t know that you could be upset about him waking you up early because he’s just pure sunshine, isn’t he? Aw!)

  5. Oh honey, that drive home, a nightmare, holding too tight was probably a good idea at the time but glad you were able to let go. teaching is hard work but SO rewarding..You are a lucky girl with that husband, mine is not that guy, but there you are he cooks every other night! Stay well. c

  6. I am grateful for this post, because it reminds me that I can be really annoyed with how busy my teaching job is right now, or I can be grateful that I have a really good job where people respect me a lot. Thank you!

  7. I hope all things, including the weather, calm down for you. 🙂 The brown dawgs have Squish beat by about two hours…yep it is 4 am for them work day or not! Beautiful picture of the sunrise. The colors are fabulous.

  8. Those years when our kids are little, are so exhausting, on so many levels. Making time for writing is hard even when our kids aren’t little, but that much harder when they are. Just find those moments and grab them! Interestingly, the older I get the more I’m grateful for.

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