Let’s Go Over This Again

With my new job, school starting, and all the many and varied changes that feel like have hit all at once, we’ve gotten all loosey-goosey on the home front. I thought this would be a good time to go over the house rules again.


  1. Night time is for sleeping. If you wake up and get lonely, it’s not the time to haul out all your toys.
  2. In keeping with #1, night time is not the time to come hang with your parents. They are tired. Try lying in your bed and thinking about how much nicer Mommy and Daddy are when they’ve had a good night’s sleep.
  3. Should you find yourself unable to sleep and need to find Mom and Dad, choose a parent and take the most direct route to them. Do not drag yourself over the face of one in order to get to the other. To do so is disruptive and unnecessary.
  4. Laundry baskets are for laundry. They are not toy boxes, cages, or (and I cannot stress this point enough) emergency toilets.
  5. Mommy’s bras are Mommy’s alone. They are not for playing with.
  6. Although we may play games on the laptop sometimes, the computer itself is not a toy. It is not to be used as a step-stool or springboard.
  7. Sometimes sneezes catch us by surprise. I understand. That being said, try not to aim at Mommy’s face. The same can be said for gas and other gastrointestinal disturbances.
  8. If you do not like the food that is served, just don’t eat it. It’s not necessary to spit it back into your bowl and make loud hacking sounds.
  9. My food is just that – my food. Sneezing on it or touching it in any way does not give you dibs.

I sure hope you’re listening. I’m talking to you!

Are you listening, Pixel? I do not feel like you are listening.

Are you listening, Pixel? I do not feel like you are listening.


29 thoughts on “Let’s Go Over This Again

  1. Kittens, gotta love them. 🙂 The cuteness factor makes up for all of that…except for the poop in the laundry basket…tsk tsk tsk on Pixel! I remember when my Molly and her brother Ajax were kittens, they would wake up from a nap and immediately need to eliminate. I started keeping multiple litter boxes close to their favorite sleeping spots to eliminate accidents, i.e. don’t poop on the couch where you were just napping, there’s a litter box right behind the couch, use it! good times, good times.

  2. Really fun post! You had me entirely, and at the same time I was confused. You sounded somewhat…cold.

    For me, the laundry basket item was the oddest:

    Not that a child would use it for a john, but that you’d forbid playing with it, or storing toys in it.

    Are there better toyboxes for corraling toddler toy trails? I never found any.

    Thanks for the surprise 🙂

      • Ah. That is because the original evil octopus Walmart, irked at the original Rubbermaid company for not knuckling under to their monopolistically-minded pricing demands, purposely effed them over in an unrecoverable way on a major supply of kazillions of their products for ALL the Walmart stores back then, forcing Rubbermaid out of business. (“A” Rubbermaid is back.) If one is lucky enough to have the old Rubbermaid baskets, the kids, and cats, can treat them as did the gorilla the Samsonite suitcase.

        But of course I do understand your need to protect your Precious against all who would be bent on its destruction. Your basket sounds very beautiful, my dear. (backs away slowly…) 😉

  3. There are a million lessons to teach kids throughout the day! Wow. I don’t know how parents manage to have even one non-teachable moment. Loved the post!

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