Fun Friday: Walking Among Giants

Every day I have the privilege of working with people who know so much more than I ever will about our shared field. It is inspiring, sometimes frustrating, always humbling. Speaking of humble, do not EVER tell the guys I said they were brilliant and awesome because they would never let me forget it. Kthnx.

Today, I introduce you to another giant. In my new job,  am working with species that are new to me, including this one. I bet she’s new to most of you, as well. Meet our female Plated Leaf Chameleon, Brookesia stumpffi. Click to enlarge.

I call her Gigantor.

I call her Gigantor.

This species is endemic to northwestern Madagascar and is typically found on the forest floor. Here’s another photo. This one’s my favorite. Click to enlarge.

Brookesia stumpfii and an American quarter, which outweighs her by 2 grams. I should call her Big Mama.

Brookesia stumpfii and an American quarter, which outweighs her by  about 2 grams. I should call her Big Mama.

She’s a big girl, right?  And if we’re lucky, she’s carrying eggs. They lay 2-3 at a time, which are quite large given her diminutive size.

I love my job. Always something new.

What’s new in your world?



24 thoughts on “Fun Friday: Walking Among Giants

  1. What a beautiful creature. Chameleons are so cool, moving their eyes separately and their different hands/feet/paws/end of leg thingies?? What do you call a reptile’s foot? I’ve never thought about it. I dated a herp guy for several years back in the day, mostly snakes tho. Cared for them and raised rats/mice. Definitely an experience. When I was a science teacher, I had a couple of snakes and a pair of leopard geckos in my classroom. The 7th grade boys always wanted to watch the snakes eat!

    • Leopard geckos remain one of my favorite lizards. They always look like they’re smiling!

      We just call it a foot. I love how they eat. We have giant chameleons, and they’re pretty spectacular, but watching the little guys snag a cricket makes me giggle. They’re just so cute!

  2. Clever camouflage! I suddenly miss my wildlife class field trips. Walking some kilometers to find a turtle’s nest under the sand, guarding them, and watching eggs hatch. Catching bats, measuring their wings and stuff.

    That chameleon looks like a really tiny dino. Animals are cool! 🙂

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