Pet Peeves Du Jour, Volume 743

I do not know why I am crabby today. It’s raining? I have a million things to do, but I’m completely uninspired? My Ricky Martin CD has a giant scratch on it? All my readers dumped me because I like “Living La Vida Loca?” Take your pick.

Preschoolers with squeakers in their shoes. When a baby begins to take those first wobbly steps, little squeaker-shoes are kind of cute. When the kid has the speed and coordination to train for the Boston Marathon, it’s time to give us all a break. Mom and Dad, you realize that the other people around you have ears, too, right?

Politicians who write off any concern for the environment as a strictly liberal agenda. The Lord gave man dominion over the animals in Genesis 1:26. Dominion is not equal to BDSM. Just because God put is in charge doesn’t mean we have the right to go all Christian Grey on the planet and screw it over every which way from Sunday, dumping poisons into the sky and water and killing our forests. Besides, I thought the notion of not pooping where we eat was more common sense than political.

Radio stations that play the same ten songs. Over and over and over. Hey, DJs! I have a secret to share! New music is released every Tuesday. And did you also know that each new album consists of more than one song? I know DJs gotta promote what they gotta promote, but those truncated playlists drive me to turn off the radio and put in a CD of my own choosing. That I will listen to over and over and over. So there.

Changes in website interface that interferes with functionality. WordPress, I’m looking at you, here. The old interface was easier for someone with my vision issues to read. The new stats page is an endless scroll in a predominately light-blue. I didn’t use my stats page a great deal before. I certainly use it less now. And let’s not even talk about the “new and improved” editor where some of the old options are either gone or so well-hidden I can’t find them. This peeve isn’t the least bit funny, actually. I spend many hours on WordPress. Functionality lost  = time wasted.

Labeling things as “artisanal.” Stop it right now! If you’ve carved a jewelry box out of a chunk of cherry wood, you’re an artisan. If you made a popsicle, you are not. Same goes for “handcrafted.”

Homophones. Why, Y, wye?!

What’s on your nerves today?


Recently I announced the winners of the Mixed Feelings giveaway. The grand prize winner never claimed her prize, so we went back to Rafflecopter to choose another e-book winner. Congrats to A. Burdick on winning the e-book. Of course, choosing a new grand prize winner meant turning once again to Pixel, who has the work ethic of, well, a cat. 2 bows, and a pound of catnip later, let’s see how she did.

48 thoughts on “Pet Peeves Du Jour, Volume 743

  1. Amen to the WordPress peeve. Here’s two of mine: Apostrophes inserted in non-possessive plurals and the possessive “your” instead of the contraction “you’re.” I’m certainly no spelling/grammar genius, but these are driving me crazy!

  2. SAME for “handcrafted.” Just stop.

    Everything is pissing me off today, frankly. I think my pet peeve is the world.

  3. On my nerves today…..does that mean I can bitch and rant? Nah, I’m hungry.

    Okay, just one: the word “snarky”, I am over it. Stop it. Really? Overused and not edgy or clever anymore. This word is stuck in 2014 and I’m all up in 2015’s face.

    Hmm. That’ll annoy some people. Which will make me someones peeve. I’m okay with that.

  4. I’m crabby today because one of my favorite blogs is going away. Everyone is moving over to Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. So I wrote this–

  5. An internet connection that’s so slow I can’t skype with my boys back home. I’m stuck here in this otherwise lovely hotel cause there’s a trade fair I have to be at, and the wireless connection is so crappy that it took about 10 minutes for this blog post to load. I hope my comment will go through. Maybe it’s time I get myself a smart phone after all.

  6. Yay me! I am in a better mood this evening. I won a grand prize and the snow is delayed which means we will get to the cabin for at least a bit. 🙂 I am not fond of the new and improved dashboard either.

  7. I’m new to WordPress so I can’t comment on the changes that interfere with functionality but it totally winds me up when FaceBook makes unwanted changes 🙂 See my blog post Shiny New Things where I have a general rant about things changing 🙂 x

  8. Quietly reading posts over morning coffee, then hit “Politicians… environment… go all Christian Grey on the planet” Seriously the BEST RANT EVER! I’m laughing and crying! Can’t wait for Hubby to wake up so I can share … Please, please, please write a post on this some day!

  9. I am agreement about the so-called improvements on WordPress. I recently link stat-counter and can see how long people are on my blog and specifically where they are from with IP addresses. Why didn’t they do something like that?
    Also, there is no place to check syndicated views. I thought they would have compiled them, so we don’t have to add them up in our head. Instead, they took them away. So weird!!!! I too have a problem with the light blue. Sheesh!

  10. Trader Joe’s had a new product in our store recently Crispy Crunchy Broccoli — roasted broccoli to the point of being crunchy like a chip. My daughter got hooked. Like addicted. Wants to eat it always. And now they are out of stock until MARCH (because we bought all the bags). So now I have two March estimated due dates — baby and broccoli.

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