My 2016 Wishes

Just to clarify, 2016 is a year, not a quantity. It’s not that long a post, cross my heart.

2015 was a good year. A fine year. It was okay. I’m sure it did its best. 2016, though, wow. It sits on the horizon like a shiny new boyfriend, dangling its baubles of possibility. It hasn’t yet left its underwear on the floor, eaten my stash of MoonPies, or stolen my car. There’s still that tiny chance that it will be perfect, The One. Heck, it’s so special it’s even got an extra day. I plan to spend that bonus day like found money, friends. It’s already burning a hole in my pocket.

I made some wishes to start the New Year out right. In a new relationship, it’s important to say exactly what you want, you know. So here goes.

  1. I want my new computer to pack itself up and send itself back for repairs. I’m not asking for the moon, here. I’m not requesting a self-healing laptop or anything. That would be greedy, and maybe a little unrealistic. I just want it to throw itself in the box and print out its own packing labels and such. And I don’t want it to use my reindeer duct tape to seal itself up, either. I know I said I was okay with the the thing being broken, but depression is sneaky like that. One minute I’m pretty okay with adulting; the next minute, the thought of having to hook up the printer, get out the packing tape, and insert flange A into slot B is overwhelming.
If the elves can't fix them, maybe they can just buy me new ones?

If the elves can’t fix them, maybe they can just buy me new ones?

  1. I want my Vibram Five Fingers to last forever. I received a pair as a gift a couple of days ago, and they already make me sad because I know that in six months or a year, all the tread will be gone, and I’ll have to throw them away or risk slipping and falling to my death. Then I’ll be Five-fingerless. They make my feet look like flippers, but they are heaven. They feel like magic, so maybe they ARE magic. Maybe some little flipper-footed elves will make me new pairs in the dead of night?
  2. ย I want this to be the year that I can read more books by the expedient of shoving a computer chip in my skull. I used to study in college by rubbing my notes on my head and then sleeping with them under my pillow, but I think that only works if the volume in question is under ten pages. My to-be-read list is a giant backlog of things too good to skip. I just have to find the built-in card reader that I’m sure my head came with. Lesson learned: it isn’t in my nose.
  3. This year, I want to figure out a direction for my blog. Probably north. North is good. Except for the polar bears. But south means piranhas. See, this is why I’ve never found direction. There’s no way to win.
  4. I want this to be the year that Americans get their collective thumbs out of their collective card-readers and vote on issues, not along party lines. Forrest Gump said it best when he stated “That’s all I got to say about that.”
  5. I wish for zero One Direction trends on Twitter in 2016. I don’t see this happening. I think I’m wasting a wish here.
  6. I will learn to Nae Nae in 2016. My kids say “No No.”
  7. In 2016, I will focus on my art.
    On a related note, maybe this will be the year I remember which side of the hand is pinkie, and which is thumb.

    On a related note, maybe this will be the year I remember which side of the hand is pinkie, and which is thumb.


  8. In 2016, I will write the correct year on all my cheques by April at the latest. This is an almost mystical wish because I still write 2008.
  9. This will be the year I get my Christmas shopping done before Winter Solstice. Ah, who am I kidding? A little pressure is a good thing.
  10. In 2016, I will not be bound by conventions that dictate lists should be ten items long. I have a year to work on it.


What are your wishes for 2016? If you did a New Years Post, link it in the comments. I’d love to read it!

44 thoughts on “My 2016 Wishes

  1. Great list, Happy New Year and please – dear God – don’t do the Nae Nae. I’ve been avoiding it as well, though I imagine I would have toys hurled at me if I tried it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How am I just now getting emails about your blog again?! We should get together for coffee and blogging chat sometime soon! Maybe that should be on my 2016 wish list. : )

  3. Holy cow, I just realized that if I had the patience to wait to post my comment until after I write my next blog post (which is an imaginary conversation with my New Year’s resolutions), I would have a place to post a link *other* than my Facebook page. Although I’m not sure mine can beat yours. Very much like your blog and your list. Happy New Year to you!

  4. Is left a direction? I vote for left.

    I thought Nae nae was on one of those real housewives shows?

    I like your picture of Art Garfunkel! That’s what you meant by focusing on Art, right?

    I still write 1996 on my cheques.

  5. Ha, i love this list ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

    If it weren’t for my husband, I don’t think I would bother with any tech. He is my resident IT guy and only makes faces sometimes ๐Ÿ˜‰ You know, to give me that authentic IT experience.

  6. Lol–this must be a thing, “rubbing notes on your head and then sleeping with them under your pillow.” I thought I was the only one to do this, but your admission has now set me free.

    BTW: you could read more books by the expedient of shoving a couple of earbuds in your skull. My admission is in doing this (with and going about several things at once. Happy New Year!

  7. My wishes for this year:

    To write more consistently. (We’ve been over this)

    To really settle into the new house, and make it ours. Because it is.

    To (maybe) switch back to being a Mac user, if I can convince my software engineer husband that they are not inherently evil.

    To eat lots of wintergreen-flavoured things.

    To get over/work on my generalised medical anxiety and um, also work on giving Isla a sibling.

    Simple, really. Ha!

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