The Reason I am Not Speaking To My Sister

My sister an I used to get along fine. Not anymore. I quit speaking to her a few days ago. We used to do fun things. We both love Harry Potter. She makes a great Molly Weasley, and we went to the release of the last two books together. Those days are done. Except for Harry Potter. I still love him.

That's butterbeer she is holding. And she even let me have some. But what she did recently is inexcusable.

That’s butterbeer she is holding. And she even let me have some. But what she did recently is inexcusable.

We are all put on this earth for a purpose, I firmly believe that. It is up to us to fulfill it; us and no one else. And that’s what it all comes down to.

She has her gifts, and I have mine. I am a decent photographer, and that’s what I was doing. That was my job, and I took it seriously. I can’t say the same for her. It went fine at first. She did her thing and all, but then suddenly she totally dropped the ball. I mean FOR REAL. I don’t know if she gave up, or if she was bored, or if she was a victim of over-thinking. No idea. I would ask her and find out, but it would involve speaking to her. And I’m not. I believe I mentioned that.

Anyway, I was kind of counting on her to get her part done, and she didn’t. I mean, how hard is it? You put the crystal of power to the vampire’s chest and blow it to smithereens. It’s demon-vanquishing 101, people. I would have done it myself, but, HELLO, I had the camera.  I can’t wield the crystal, anyway. That’s totally her deal. But she didn’t do it

I don’t know why she didn’t. She had no trouble nixing the possessed dog’s head/transistor radio thingy or the old monster with the weird hair, but when she got to that last boogie-man, things kind of fell apart. She dusted the dude with the powder of darkness just fine. And she lit the candle like she’d done it her whole life. But when it came time to seal the deal, she choked. And we both died. So that’s why I’m mad at my sister.

So it may have been a dream, but I’m not sure. I’m not taking any chances. Any Chosen Ones out there who know their way around a Crystal of Power?

17 thoughts on “The Reason I am Not Speaking To My Sister

  1. Tips for reading this post: Do not consume anything that can lead to inebriation before reading this post. Much confusion ensues.
    LOL. Seriously. I was a *wee* bit buzzed when I read this, and I was like, “WHAT IS HAPPENING? WHAT AM I MISSING?”
    So, yeah, best blog post ever, because I was totes into it 😀

    • Thank you for your support. It was such a let down. I don’t know how I’m going to eat Thanksgiving dinner with her. She might decide that even the turkey gets to live, and then where will we be? Feathers EVERYWHERE!

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