We Marched, Now What? Introvert Activism #Resist

Fridays are now going to Introvert Activism day. Trust me, friends, if this socially awkward weirdo can work to make a change in this world, ANYONE can.

In case you missed it, I went to the Women’s March on Washington, DC on Saturday. I did it for the reasons I mentioned here, and for a thousand more. The march itself was incredible. So many beautiful women in one place, all with different concerns, but with a common goal – making our voices heard. It was a moving and humbling experience, and I’m not totally ready to write about it. But I can share some pictures.

what did the womens march accomplish



But here’s the thing. As wonderful and powerful and uplifting as the Women’s March was, if that’s all I’ve got in me, the whole event was just a stroll around the Mall. I have to get active politically. I have to get involved. And that’s what Friday’s are for. Call them Activism Friday or Accountability Friday, I don’t care. But I have to move forward and stay involved, so I’m going to share with you what I have done each week to make the world a better place, and I encourage you to tell me in the comments what you have done, as well. Let us inspire and encourage each other.

So what is there to do this week?

First off, be aware. Here’s a link to a Bloomberg infographic you may have already seen. It depicts the countries in the Middle East Trumpertantrum proposes to ban against those where he has business interests.

The Women’s March website has a list of 10 things to do in the next 100 days. That’s 1 thing every 10 days. We can handle that! One of those things is sending postcards to Congress. Who doesn’t love sending mail?!

You can sign this petition demanding that the Toddler-In-Chief release his tax returns.

You can donate to the Standing Rock Reservation where protests against the Dakota Access Pipeline are ongoing.  You can also sign a petition to stop the DAPL from happening.

Choose your issues. There are so many. One detractor said of the Women’s March that no one knew what they were marching for. Don’t confuse a myriad issues with a lack of common purpose. We were there to speak out for the issues we believe in, and the Dumpster Fire in Charge threatens ALL of them.

Concerned about birth control being removed from insurance coverage? Donate to Planned Parenthood. I am grateful to them because when I was a young married college student, birth control pills cost 10% of our income. Without PP’s sliding scale, we could never have been able to pay for reliable birth control.

Are disability rights your thing? Follow Keah Brown, Dominick Evans, Alice Wong, David M. Perry

Need a way around the fake news? Try Dan Rather’s News and Guts. Trumpertantrum brought Dan Rather out of retirement, folks. He’s on Facebook AND Twitter.

Low on funds? Protest doesn’t have to cost money. Call your senator and tell him or her to block Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. Find the number for YOUR senator here. Calls are better than emails. Letters are great, too.

Tweet what you learn. Share links on Facebook. You may share this one if you like, but I’m not posting for clicks. I’m posting for change. Lift links from this post, take photos. I don’t mind. Educate others. We don’t have to do it ALL by ourselves. We can’t, actually. But we can educate others. Check your sources to make sure it isn’t fake news. There’s a plague of it out there now.

And take care of yourself. Take breaks. Trumpertantrum is throwing things at us faster than we can duck. Be kind to yourself and to others. We can make this world a better place. There is hope.

What did I do this week?

  • I joined my local Black Lives Matter group so I can get updates and hear about upcoming events. Instead of buying a t-shirt at the march.
  • I donated the money to Standing Rock legal defense fund.I had never used PayPal for anything other than Ebay, but it was surprisingly easy!
  • I signed the petitions I listed above.
  • I called my Senators. Both of them. One mailbox was full, but I left a nice message on the other to block Jeff Sessions, the man who was denied a federal judgeship for being too racist.
  • I talked with my boys about why Jeff Sessions is the wrong choice for us. Squish is 8, and it is so hard for him to comprehend that people are judged by skin color. Me, too, baby. Me, too.
  •  And I listened. There is a great deal of mistrust for white women because we are late to the game. Right now, it’s my job to just shut up, listen, learn new perspectives I didn’t even know existed.

Face Palm of the week: 42 percent of Trump supporters believe he should be able to have a private email server.

What did you do this week to make the world a better place? Do you have a favorite hashtag you follow? Link me up. I want to know!




37 thoughts on “We Marched, Now What? Introvert Activism #Resist

  1. “Don’t confuse a myriad issues with a lack of common purpose.” This is such an important point — not just a misinterpretation by Trumplestans, but also a necessary guidepost for the rest of us. A key tactic of this administration is misdirection, and overwhelming the resistance by the sheer number of horrific actions taken in all directions. A number of long-time activists whom I respect have been giving the same advice: pick an issue or two that matter to you most, and follow/engage with those developments LIKE A HAWK.

    Resist on, my sister. We are with you.

  2. Excellent post. Let’s see. I might have to pick two issues….the stupid, stupid wall and access to women’s reproductive services for low income women. I have called my senators and representatives this week which was a first for me and I also signed the petitions. #resist I will look at the list of ten things in 100 days. That sounds doable!

  3. It’s like picking your favorite flavor of ice cream at Baskin Robbins! So many to choose from! But you are right, it’s important to focus. The election process (how we got into this pickle to begin with) and preserving women’s reproductive rights are two areas I feel very strongly about, so I’m starting there. I’m so new to this “stand up for what you believe in” mindset – it’s exhilarating!!

    • I am new to it, too. I am completely the Introvert Activist. Comfort zones are there for a reason, man! But I leave my comfort zone for this. It really IS exhilarating to see how many people are saying “I’ve never done this before, but…”

  4. I didn’t even vote (and am not registered to), because of the existence of the Electoral College (knowing it wouldn’t matter WHO I wanted, HRC was going to {and did} carry my state). But I marched in LA. I’m not an introvert OR an activist, but I marched in LA. And it WAS exhilarating! And even though I’m not a registered voter, I DID sign ALL of the petitions relating to Putin’s Puppet (or #PP, as I like to call him; get it? PeePee?).

    I will likely MarchOnTaxes (or whatever they’re calling it) on April 15th, because he is HONESTLY just breaking laws right and left, and the TaxMarch should really show him that it’s NOT just reporters who want him to disclose!

    That said, if there are more local ways to support women’s rights, (non-gender/race-specific) equal rights, etc., I will march again on those platforms. I just have a feeling, that with all the bullshit he’s done in his First Fucking Week, we’re somehow going to “win” this battle before too long (hoping, of course, that we’re not left with someone worse. No idea if Pence is worse), like long before April 15th.

    It’s a crazy world we live in. I just hope I’m right in the blast radius if he goads China into dropping bombs on us. I think I’m too lazy to deal with the aftermath, and I’ve lived a pretty good life up to that point.

    • It could even be said that he is DISHONESTLY breaking laws left and right.

      I think local action is great, too. We are going to win. Pence is behind a lot of what Trump does right now. He was pretty open about the fact that he planned to act more as “CEO” and let Pence do most of (read: ALL) the work. Trumpertantrum is just there for photo ops and praise. I wish I was kidding.

  5. One more suggestion – actually an expansion on something you suggested – make 6 calls a day: one call each to the Washington offices of your Senators and Representative, and one call each to their “home office.” I’ve programmed their numbers into my phone and added them to my “favorites” for easy lookup/redial.

  6. This is an awesome list, thank you 🙂 I’m not a very political person, and I now feel awful for my apathy, and selfishly thankful I live in a very liberal state/area.

  7. You did it and then you did it and did it again! Well done, so impressed. You are right about why everyone marched that day, be it Washington, New York, London, Paris, you name the city, it’s for what we each care about. If we all go off and do as you suggest, we are an immensely powerful force.

  8. Great post, marching is great but there has to be follow up if things are to change. I’m going to have a look at Dan Rather so at least I can get accurate news not alternative facts about what’s happening over the water.

    • I agree. Marching is important, but if it’s ALL we’ve got in us, we’re sunk. Today my family and I are writing thank you notes to the senators and representatives that have spoken out on the Muslim ban and “grow up and fight” letters to Democrats who need to get their thumbs out of their collective ears and block some of this crap.

  9. I am really sorry your blog has become so political. I have enjoyed it over the years but I must step away. I think you lost me at Black Lives Matter. I figured rather than just go poof, I would leave a comment. Thanks so much for your support over the years. All the best.

    • Yes, unfortunately I have felt pushed to become more political. The man in the White House is terrifying, and his team is just as bad. They are dividing the country and are going to drag us into war. The president wants to gag the press, too. It’s frightening enough to push me into politics, a place I have actively avoided forever.

      I’m sorry to lose you as a reader, but historically in our country, Black lives haven’t mattered, so I feel like it’s the most current movement to help work toward racial equality and relations.

      Mondays will still be Zookeeper days if you ever want to peek back in. Fridays are my political days. Wednesdays will be for humor. All the best! Give Storm some Kong time and a kiss from me. That girl has my heart!

  10. You rock star!! I came home so inspired by the March. I wrote about it, and I’ve talked about it… but like you, I have said since that day: that can’t be it! As Michael Moore said, “make a call every day!” But you’ve inspired me. I need to give this some serious thought, but maybe we start a blog revolution and try to get other bloggers to join Fridays Activism! Way to go, Heather! Or, maybe I’ll do Mondays–– to provide a list that can be done for the week. Eek. Could I? Would I? You inspire me darlin’!

    • Whatever fits your schedule is great! I am doing Fridays as the Introverted Activist because it holds me accountable, AND it gives people who aren’t interested in my politics a heads-up to avoid Becoming Cliche on Fridays.

  11. Just found your blog and love the Friday’s Introvert Activism idea! I just started a blog and named it The Reluctant Revolutionary because activism is certainly not something that has been in my wheel house before and for which I have fears and hesitations. I appreciate hearing your perspective and actions. Makes me realize I’m not alone with my feelings. Rock on!

  12. This post is still so relevant on the anniversary of the Women’s March. I signed up for Daily Action tweets (228-466) last year that have prompted me to call my senators and representatives on issues from health insurance to re-authorizing CHIP to passing the DREAM Act.

    I absolutely LOVE that Rebel Rebel poster, btw! I’ve been on a David Bowie kick lately, so there’s that, but also, it’s just an awesome poster.

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