The Introverted Activist: Things Will Get Better

I’m still tired. Are you still tired? But are you in it to win it? Yeah, me, too. Rah, rah, and all that. Did I mention I am tired?

But things are going to get better. Maybe they already are. 45’s first pick to be National Security Advisor is *poof* and the second pick doesn’t want the job. What happened to Flynn? Depends on who you ask. Fired? Quit? Abducted by aliens? Who cares? He’s gone. And the Labor Secretary? Remember him? Whatshisface Pudzer? The guy who would like to do away with a minimum wage and automate everything? He’s gone, too. And the person who has been nominated to replace him might actually be qualified for the job. Or maybe the bar has been set so low by this administration that a rabid puggle seems qualified.

I made a thing. It’s a Trumpertantrum drinking game, designed to make this administration more entertaining.

did flynn talk to Russia

But then I realized it could also be deadly. I thought I could suggest switching to water after every 2 drinks, but then there’s still hyponatremia to worry about. So I thought about milk shakes. But is there a pancreas in the world that can handle THAT much sugar? Diet soda? Nope again. An overdose of artificial sweetener can be deadly. So then I considered deep breaths instead of drinks, but then everyone would hyperventilate and pass out, maybe hitting a head on the floor and dying. And I can’t be responsible for that, so instead of drinking each time he hits one of these milestones, think a happy thought or pet a puppy. Nobody ever passed out from petting a puppy. Just be careful not to rub all its hair off. It’s going to be a long four years.

Calls and protests work, and not just for this whole train wreck of an administration. In case you have never heard of Bresha Meadows, at the age of 14, young Bresha shot and killed her abusive father. She was sent to an adult prison. An adult prison. Remember Michael Carneal? He murdered 3 students and injured 5 others at his high school in 1997. He was sent to a juvenile facility until he turned 18. But Bresha has been held in an adult prison. Until recently. Letters, protests, and phone calls put enough pressure on prosecutors that she was moved a few weeks ago to a juvenile mental health facility. Her family has to pay the cost of her treatment, so there’s a link where you can donate if you are so inclined. But she can go outside, she is with other kids, and she can get the help she deserves.

What I did this week:

I wrote a lot of letters. A lot of them. To Republicans, to Democrats. I went to a huddle at my friend’s house. We encouraged each other, and we made plans for the next four years. That feels like a long time, but we can do it.

what are people doing besides marching

This is what democracy looks like. And friendship.

I made an action plan for each week. I am going to make 5 calls a week and write 3 letters. I wrote 5 letters this week, so I am ahead of the game. I even wrote one to President Bannon.

The call I made to my Senators this week was focused on 2 things – keeping Bannon out of the situation room and keeping the Affordable Care Act intact until there is a decent replacement (and insisting that the replacement include those with preexisting conditions – an aside here, I knew a woman who didn’t tell anyone she was pregnant at her new job until she qualified for health insurance. She was 8 weeks pregnant when she got the job, and so was 20 weeks along before she went for her first prenatal appointment because she knew otherwise insurance wouldn’t cover it because her pregnancy was a preexisting condition. No prenatal care until it was essentially too late to prevent most issues. Do Republicans really want to go back to those days?)

I made plans to attend the local march on April 15 to protest Trumpertantrum’s refusal to show his tax returns.

I made plans to attend some Nashville events, too, later in spring.

I made a list of my local representatives at the state level. I am going to become quite familiar with them and their work because I have letters and calls to make there, too.

And I took some time away. Because I’m tired.

This week, why not write a letter yourself. Or show up at a local office and share your wants with your Congress person’s staff? Write a letter sharing your story and your expectations for affordable care. You can do it! We can do it! It’s already working, friends. We’re pushing a ball uphill, but we’ve learned this week that it isn’t likely to roll back over and crush us!

Need more ideas? Check here. And visit here for a breakdown of enrollment in Affordable Care Act by congressional district. Share what you find. A study this week revealed that around 30% of Americans don’t know that ACA and ObamaCare are the same thing. Republicans successfully obfuscated the issue by using the term “ObamaCare,” so be kind to anyone you encounter who might have been confused. They aren’t alone. Raise your hand if you have never been sucked in by rhetoric. We’ve all been there, done that.

Face-palm of the week: Good ol’ Betsy “Keep Bears Out Of Public Schools” DeVos is doing a spanking good job in her new post. Wait. There is no spanking in public school. A time-outing good job? Whatever. Anyway, she managed to not only misspell the name of civil rights activist, W.E. B. DuBois, she misspelled the apology, as well. Go, team! Dear Betsy, how do you spell “derp?”

Need a laugh? Download this awesome app. It’s called “Make Trump Tweets Eight Again.” And it does this:

What did you get up to this week? Have a favorite hashtag you have been involved with? Share it in the comments.

15 thoughts on “The Introverted Activist: Things Will Get Better

  1. So proud of you!! And do love the drinking game idea! Not sure we can survive another press conference, tho. Haha! Our PA(R) Senator Pat Toomey seems to be in hiding, but we will find him. They really aren’t used to being held accountable. Imagine that.

  2. It’s nice to hear your encouragement and all the things you’ve been doing! We need to remember this is a marathon, not a sprint (I know, totally cliche, haha) but it’s so true. And if we do this right, it’s not even really a marathon, it’s a lifestyle that shouldn’t end. I think the protests, marches, letter writing and all that are great and can be useful if used correctly. But the most important thing (in my mind anyway, and some other smarter-than-me-people’s minds) is to continue to participate in the political process by voting! Know about issues and candidates and help those you support get elected. We’ve been losing not because we are a minority, but because too many left of center or center leaning people won’t get out and vote. And let’s try to bridge divides, with those who we don’t agree with or understand. Like you mention, a lot of people don’t even KNOW that Obamacare and the ACA are one in the same. But if we throw it in their face and make them feel stupid, we will definitely not win them over. Great advice and I love the game, haha.

  3. I’m donating two days of coffee money to the ACLU each month and supporting some projects on Patreon – both artists and intellectuals.

    I’m calling my congressmen every day and leaving messages, expect when they *turn off the voicemail* (looking at you, Richard Burr), voicing both my opposition and support for certain bills and laws. Based on your posts you are slightly more liberal than I, but though I consider myself a conservative independent I’d be a “flaming liberal” by most conservatives I know.

    Keep up the resistance, but remember that you can’t spell resist without “r-e-s-t” – take time to recharge!

  4. As I do my catching up, which is probably looking like stalking at this point, it’s funny to see that nearly every one of my Likes is right next to curryNcode’s Like… which, I find strangely intriguing. None of which has anything to do with all the good stuff in this post, but I did just download the TrumpMakesEight app, and re: last post I read, I NEVER thought I’d be retweeting Arnold (not a big fan), but I did. So, I am loving this very inspirational, political, serpent’y, Blogess’y catch up session. xo 😉

  5. So there’s to be a March on April 15th… I think I remember that. Do you have a link for it?

    Also, what do you know about the postcard campaigns for #TheIdesOfTrump (3/15) and #FireTheFool (pink slips on April 1st)? I wanna do those, but I don’t remember if they’re supposed to ARRIVE on those days or be POSTMARKED on them.

    I’m not nearly the activist you are. It’s too hard to follow “news”.

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