Good Things Thursday: My Joy in Pictures

This week has been a tough one, both personally and politically. It’s easy to focus on all the horrible things because they stand up and scream at us, while our joys can be a little less flamboyant. But if I focus on the bad all the time, how could I ever find the energy to get out of bed. So I’m going to show up for joy.

I’m first off grateful for my little phone because now I can snap pics of things when I need to. They aren’t great pictures, but they don’t have to be, do they?

The time change. Yeah, I hate the time change, but if we hadn’t set clocks ahead, I’d have missed this view when I opened up the building at the start of my work day.


Old window, new day.


what does radiated tortoise eat

Meatball takes over the sedum snack and polishes it all off. Go, Meatball!

K-brew coffee Knoxville

Coffee and yearbooking with a friend. Thanks, K-Brew!

Phelsuma klemmeri easy to breed

Second generation breeding of my Neon Day Geckos, a critically endangered species. Look at how big those eggs are!

flour beetles, fruit flies

Insect cultures! ALL the feeder insect cultures! I will get my frogs to BREED! I had my water bottle confiscated by TSA, but they somehow missed my feeder insect cultures in my suitcase.

giant tortoise diet

Making good use of found objects. I gave my giant tortoises a 400lb stump. Anderson (pictured in the back) likes to scratch her bum on it, but it’s also great for tucking greens into so they really have to work for their food. Sometimes I have good ideas.

crotalus molossus in zoo

Crotalus molossus. I am training on venomous snakes, and I only have one more session with this snake until I am checked off on this level. It is very exciting and not at all scary because my lead keeper is an excellent teacher. But don’t tell him I told you that.

And my latest joy is that I expect to receive a shipment of tadpoles today. After losing our cat on Monday, I slipped straight through the first stages of grief and onto the lesser-known Order-tadpoles-off-the-internet stage of depression. I’ll let you know if they get here alive. I am doubting it at this point because it is so cold, but there is still hope.

And new surprise goodness, I am off to have lunch with a friend. It might even include FALAFEL!

What is your joy this day?

17 thoughts on “Good Things Thursday: My Joy in Pictures

  1. My joy today will be if the bank grants us approval to buy a house. I have lots of plans for planting trees and flowers and working on being more environmentally friendly. THEN hopefully in the near future, working on getting an associate’s degree in environmental science (and then onto a bachelor’s maybe). This political atmosphere is maddening but also inspiring me to work harder for science and the Earth!

  2. Meatball! Thanks for including a new picture of this little guy. 🙂 So much excitement in your department too. Congratulations on the venomous snake training. You are by far a better woman than I.

    Good luck and please keep us posted on mama gecko — and the flying (or driving) tadpoles. Your giant tortoise enrichment station is really cool too!

    I’m really sorry to hear about your cat. Losing a furbaby is always tough.

    My joy is waking up this morning relatively pain-free. It’s been a while.

  3. Your Ravenclaw brought me a little joy, but also, I got temporarily “approved” for Medi-Cal, which means I can get my rescue inhaler refilled. I think it was only seasonal allergies, though, because I haven’t used it at all in the last 36 hours, and I only still have my body-wracking coughing fits, interspersed with throat-clearing attempts.

    I washed all my bed linens today, so that should help! (I’ve been waking up with cat hair IN my mouth and nose; why can’t I breathe? hmm…)

  4. Such good pictures!! I’ve had a rough two months but I’m glad I’ve been able to enjoy the last several days! Your cat and turtle are adorable! Don’t really like the snake, no offense! 🙂

  5. Lossing a furbaby is so so hard. Our Roses (17) passed last month and LucyLu (16) back in May. My heart and house feels so empty… Hmm, I can’t seem to find any Geckos “eggs” … Venomous snakes would take way more Zen than I have yet to acquire.

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