A Brave New Year

Everybody makes resolutions. Some people are even all clever and make resolutions NOT to make resolutions, thus proving we can’t get away from this tradition/trend. I’m no exception. This year, I’m going in big. Go big or go home, right? Actually, it’s cold outside. Going home sounds not-so-bad at the moment… Just kidding.

2016 was a dumpster fire. I said there was no possible way that 2017 could be worse than that, which 2017 took as a personal challenge. It was not a good year overall. But you know what? That’s partly my fault. I am not going to spend this brand, spanky new year sitting passively in the passenger’s seat. 2018 is my year of being brave.

This year, 2018, I am going to:

  • Learn to knit. I don’t know a whole lot of people in person who knit, so I am REALLY going to have to go to the interwebs for this one. I have never learned anything from Youtube before, except to pee BEFORE watching an episode of Bad Lip Reading, so this will be an adventure. And for some reason, it makes me a little nervous. But if I practice knitting for a year, I’ll get decent, right?

  • Breed my dart frogs. I have a bunch of them at work. Three different species. And none of them have bred. I have done everything recommended, and I have gotten to the point of getting them in condition and getting them to call, but so far, no luck. If you have bred them before, hit me up. I gotta know what I need to do differently.

Why you little dudes take a vow of chastity?

  • I am going to put my interest in plants to use. I am going to grow some things to sell at the local Farmer’s Market this summer. I can’t stop myself from growing plants. It brings me joy and energy. If I am stressed, I can soothe my spirit by checking up on a cinnamon tree or a root peeking out of a fig cutting. And since I have no self-control where it comes to growing stuff, I can maybe share my joy with others. And make a little cash. To buy more plants…
  • I am going to learn how to make saagwala at home. I love Indian food. I have attempted curry, and I’m good at the recipes I have. Now it’s time to learn saag.
  • I am going to vote in any election that pops up. It’s my civic responsibility, and I’m going to take it seriously.
  • Call my representatives when there are issues I am concerned about. Which is, like always.
  • Add ALL my reps’ numbers to speed dial so I can leave them messages in all of their offices. I currently only have one number each in my phone.
  • Produce 2 pieces, either short story or essay,  to submit somewhere for publication. This means re-learning how to write a short story. Eek! But it’s time to start building my wall of rejections. Or acceptance, but it’s the rejections that make us stronger, right? I am gonna be STRONG!
  • Actually submit these pieces. This is me closing some loopholes.

And here’s the big one. The one that is the biggest change in my life. Are you ready? Am I ready?

  • I am going to go the entire year without buying anything I don’t need. I read a book by Dolly Freed called “Possum  Living.” It’s a non-fiction book by an 18-year-old. She and her dad spent 3 years living like possums (not eating them!). They ate what was around them – raised chickens in the cellar for meat, raised gardens, saved money however they could. They spent about $1500 a year. Even in 1978, that was chump change. And her motto when it came to buying things was “Not now, maybe later.” That’s my mantra for 2018. I’ll unpack this whole goal in a separate blog post, and I’ll keep you posted on my progress throughout the year. A surprising amount of planning goes into inaction, really. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with this. It’s just a few minutes long and worth a watch!

How do you plan to make 2018 your lap dog? Inspire me!

12 thoughts on “A Brave New Year

  1. Hi there- my late husband raised and bred dart frogs for several years. He played frog calls and rain forest sounds (many CDs like this), misted the 20-gallon tanks several times a day with an automatic system he had rigged (DI water from a reverse osmosis system), and planted the tanks fairly densely. I think some of the frogs appreciated leafy obscurity for breeding. Left out Petri dishes full of water for the frogs that needed them for egg production. He had pretty regular success and used to swap out his germ lines with another frog breeder in the area to keep the genetics variable. Joan Z

    • Thanks for this advice! The only things I have not done are auto-misters and playing CDs for them. Misting system may not be feasible (I am hand-misting frequently), but CDs sure are. IF jungle sounds don’t work, maybe I will try some Barry White. Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year! Those are some great resolutions. I can knit but literally only scarves, which are my favorite thing so I have zero ambition to try anything else lol. My goals are to pay off some credit card debit and definitely continue to be politically active!

  3. I wanted to learn to knit/crochet last Christmas (or was it the year before? shit! time flies!), and only learned the most basic crochet stitch. But I have created numerous scarflets, a pussy hat, and even a summer sweater that didn’t QUITE work with the weight of the yarn, so I undid it all and started … something else … maybe a blanket?

    I still only know the one stitch. I learned how to “start” from one YouTube video. I learned how to buy hooks and yarn, based on what felt comfortable in my hands. All of my “patterns” have come from my own damn head, because I haven’t progressed in my skilz beyond my one stitch to even know how to READ an actual pattern! But I’m pretty happy with crochet. Don’t ask me to maintain anything on two slippery needles. 😉

    I do NOT make resolutions. Not even a resolution to not make resolutions. January 1 is just another fucking day, as far as I’m concerned. If I reboot my life, it just happens to happen whenever I build or eliminate another habit. I’ve been paying off credit card debt of late, so spending is hard for me to justify. I need to find a happier balance, though. Not that I need to buy un-needed THINGS, per se, but it wouldn’t hurt me to justify new experiences. Or more yarn, maybe.

  4. Bravo for you… love your goals and intentions. I’m in the dumpster for that, right now, but feeling grateful (check it out and join in!) for many things. I too want to try knitting. My aunt offered to teach me. Wish you lived closer, as you’d love learning from her. EVERYONE loves my aunt. She’s the best! As for your last and biggest… can’t even. Can’t. Even. But rooting for you, Heather! Happy New Year and all the best as you tackle this list! xo

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