The Introverted Activist: We Shouldn’t Have To #MarchForOurLives

I don’t want to write this. I am tired. I’m worn out from daily gun violence across the country. I’m exhausted from fighting to make my voice heard in this whole debate about gun reform. And I am SICK and tired of the rabid folks who want to spin school shootings as just one of those things when literally no other nation with our kind of wealth and power has thousands of people die each year from gun-related violence. And that want to reframe all attempts at reform as “Them libs wanna take all your guns.” Because that’s garbage.

  • If you can’t log in to social media without seeing reports of gun violence, you have a gun problem.
  • If it is more difficult to purchase an R-rated movie than a long gun, you have a gun problem.
  • If your child has ever lain on the floor of their classroom during an active shooter emergency, wondering if the footsteps in the hallway are those of a gunman coming to kill them, you have a gun problem.
  • If your third-grader has ever come home distressed because their assigned spot in an active-shooter drill seems way too obvious, and they speak matter-of-factly that when a shooter comes (not *if*, but when), they will be shot first, you have a gun problem. Third graders in our country have to think about where they are going to hide when a shooter comes to their school. America, friends.

I’m going to suggest that, perhaps, these cold-blooded murders are not simply the cost of doing business in a free country. We have to do something differently if we want a different result.

To those screaming “2nd AMENDMENT!” I call BS. In 1934, the National Firearms Act created a list of firearms that are illegal to possess. Machine guns, short-barreled shotguns, explosives, silencers. So there is a precedent for restricting certain times of firearms. So now is the time to make some additions to the list.

Do I want ALL THE GUNS? Um, no. I take no issue with hunting, or with people having hand guns as personal protection (though I will not send my kid to a school where teachers are carrying handguns on premises). I do want:

  • military and police-grade weapons and certain long guns (AR-15, I’m looking at you) banned, along with large amounts of ammunition.
  • gun owners to carry liability insurance for each firearm they own.
  • more extensive background checks.
  • loopholes for gun transfers and gun shows closed.
  • concealed carry permits granted only to military and police.
  • people found guilty of domestic violence lose ability to own firearms

Is this a liberal agenda? I’d like to think it’s more one of common sense. I consider myself more middle-of-the road when it comes to politics, but if being sick of seeing children die of preventable violence at school, well then, call me a liberal.

Here’s an incredible video my son shared with me about common-sense gun reform. And it uses cats as a fabulous example.

To the folks talking to the streets in protest tomorrow, I am so proud of you! And I am with you in spirit.

11 thoughts on “The Introverted Activist: We Shouldn’t Have To #MarchForOurLives

  1. The rows of shoes in front of the White House said it quiet and clear for me. Beyond understanding over here. We’re having a shooting / hostage situation today in France and there’s one confirmed dead and another possible fatality. Not day to day stuff either as this is IS madness.

  2. To the ROTW the gun obsession and fetishisation is not just absurd but morally so behind the times it almost seems like a joke.
    And school shootings/ mass murders by gun/ cops getting away with cold blooded murders are so common, they aren’t a shock, just another signifier of how low America is sinking.

    America in terms of policy has a horrible inability to look in on itself and change. That’s been around for a long time and I hope things do change for the better over there. But judging by the past, being realistic in terms of billion dollar industry, little will happen.

  3. I agree. Wholeheartedly. School shootings happened before and during the time I was in school. Columbine happened the year before I started high school. Yet, it was still a simpler time because we never had a firearm emergency drill. It astonished me the other day when I learned that specifically school shootings started in the 60s. It’s how many years later and they are way more common and at the same time, we are way more lax than ever on gun control.

    Oh, and having a belief or opinion that aligns with the liberal doesn’t make you one if you don’t want to be. There are shades. 🙂

  4. I’d made plans to march locally yesterday, but I was blessed with work on set, which I wasn’t going to turn down. When my drive home was re-directed by road closures, I felt good that more people than originally expected? maybe? were STILL taking to the streets. I am unbelievably proud of Emma Gonzalez, et al, for the stance they are taking.

    I’d like to see ammunition sales restricted, frankly. If it’s super-easy to buy a bannable gun but incredibly difficult to buy ammo for it, that one thing should make a difference in the sheer quantity of dead-and-dying innocents we see on the daily.

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