Stuff I No Longer Care About, and One Thing That I Do

So a few days ago, I wrote about a book that has changed the way I view the world. Read it, practice it, love it, quit caring about stuff that doesn’t matter. To be honest, it’s not easy to let go of the emotional stuff. It’s funny that as a borderline hoarder, going all KonMari on my vast collection of *STUFF* has come more easily to me than not giving a… shall we say “fork.” Point me in the direction of a cluttered dresser, and I can sort, and organize, and spark so much joy that the house nearly catches fire. But not caring? I have taken the book with me everywhere so I can re-read parts and get it stuck in my brain. But when I CAN let go, it’s really so wonderful! I feel unburdened.

That’s the beauty of the “Not Giving A Fork” method. If I miss obsessing over stuff, if that anxiety sparks joy, I can have it back. Here are some things that I decided not to waste any more energy on, at least for now:

  • My weight. This one was surprisingly easy given my decades-long struggle with an eating disorder. I am what I am. I go to the gym now several days a week because I frickin’ LOVE the gym (no joke!), and if I lose weight, fine. If I don’t, that’s okay, too. As long as I am active, that is all that matters.
  • The 2020 presidential election. I will care about it later, but dear God! There is too much going on right now to spend an iota of energy worrying about 2020. I’d like Congress to sort out the Now before moving on to 2020.
  • The economy. It’s not that I don’t care, it’s that I can’t do anything about it. If I can’t fix it, how does worrying help? I’ll write my representatives, of course. But obsessing until I make myself sick? No can do.
  • Whether my kids eat what I cook. This is a big one because I tend to take it kind of personally. But one has sensory issues, and one gets home from school and eats a big snack because he is starving, so he isn’t really hungry for dinner. Know what this means? I can cook what I like!
  • Whether my clothes match when I go to the gym. I am just going to get sweaty. Might as well start out looking like something the cat dragged in.
  • Grouchy people. I didn’t do anything wrong, so I am not going to shoulder the burden of someone else’s bad mood.
  • The Wall. I’ve let my representatives know exactly what I think about the ridiculousness of such a venture. I’ve done what I can do. Yelling at the radio every time it is mentioned does not do me any good.
  • Understanding all the implications of Brexit. I am nosy, but this issue is just too complicated to spare any extra forks for. Over the last 2 years, no one has explained it in simple enough terms for me to understand, so odds are I’m not going to gain a sudden understanding of the complexities of such a big event. I am okay with that.
  • The Oscars.
  • People who claim that e-readers aren’t *real* readers.
  • When someone cuts me off in traffic.
  • Being over-charged at Sonic. $2 isn’t worth getting worked up over.
  • When I make a minor mistake. I apologize, I mean it, and then I let it go.

Now here’s something I DO care about. I’m trying to turn my blog series “Notes From the Zookeeper” into an actual book. I have some chapters laid out already, but I would love some input. If you were reading such a book, what would you hope to learn? This book is going to be primarily factual, with lots of references, but there will be room for anecdotes about animals. What do you want to know? Help me bring this idea to fruition!

I had so much fun with “Unscienceandanimal” hash tag!

17 thoughts on “Stuff I No Longer Care About, and One Thing That I Do

  1. Unfortunately, i have NO IDEA what I’d want to learn from your book, as the whole idea sounds interesting. I would however love to jump in line for beta reading if youre after one!
    Also, i too have been trying to let some of the politics stuff go. I got to the point in december where i was getting so much anxiety over all of it. So I listen to the Friday News Roundup episode of the 1A podcast on fridays and call it good. Its hard though— as an American living in England, the Brexit thing is hard to let go.

  2. Your philosophy of winnowing is catching! Re: your book, it would be interesting to know where the animals come from? How long they’ve been around? Favorite foods? Quirky trivia? (You do quirky well.) And advocacy issues – are they endangered & what can we do about it? Blessings! 📚😎📚

  3. Good for you. It sounds like you’re on the right track. We have the same dinner experience in our house, too. I can’t even begin to tell you how much I hate it when I spend an hour cooking and the kids look at their plates and immediately complain. Aaargh. You have the right attitude, though. Good luck on your book!

  4. Let me echo Nicola in jumping in the “Beta Reader” queue! I love all the suggestions given so far, but also, that photo of Big Al with labeled parts cracks me up! “Bulldozer” and “accordion”… crazy. I know he gets lots of good boy pats, but does he receive snoot boops?

  5. I’m British and I don’t understand Brexit! Large divorce bill and who gets what: immigration, if Northern Ireland will have a hard border (something about a backstop), rights of EU citizens in the UK and UK citizens in the EU (latter is me), customs, tariffs, where to remain part of some customs systems or leave completely, how much divorce bill to pay. For now neither side is getting what they want which is the delay. I’m hoping it’s delayed for a long time!
    KonMari’s great. Keeping it up is the tricky bit. I do little ‘detoxes’ weekly in different area’s that help. I like the idea of the not giving a ‘fork’. I’ll have to check it out! Your own book sounds interesting! I’d read it for sure!

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