Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Something Terrible Happened Here

There is only one witness, and he is a little fuzzy on the events that occurred. I understand. I’m sure it was terrifying.

“He went thataway!”

One minute the sprinkler in Big Al’s lot was merrily chugging along, watering the grass and filling his mud hole. The next, this:

What happened? Where did that third arm go?

I looked for Al to ask him if he had seen the perpetrator because he had been hanging around close by while the sprinkler was running. He was all the way in the front of the exhibit. Hmm. That’s weird.

Hey, Al! Did you happen to see who did this to my sprinkler? I’d like to talk to them!

I took the broken pieces out and threw them away. When I came back, Detective Al was investigating the crime scene.

“Wait, Miss Heather! Wasn’t there a sprinkler right here? I mean, um… Someone laid on it. I do not know who. I had never seen them before in my life! I hope you catch them!”

Unfortunately, the case has gone cold. I wonder if we will ever solve this particular mystery. In the meantime, Big Al asked me if I wouldn’t mind starting a GoFundMe for a new bidet. I’m sure he meant sprinkler.

12 thoughts on “Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Something Terrible Happened Here

  1. sign me up for the go-fund me for Al’s sprinkler. because I =know= he’s innocent. an innocent tortoise. he has done nothing, nothing with the sprinkler. it was … and I can guarantee this ….the work. of. a….. BIRD.

    • We occasionally see play behavior in tortoises. Usually it involves pushing around a large ball or something similar. We have done some work with a researcher who had studied play behavior in reptiles, and animals like Komodo Dragons DO play. There is a BBC documentary coming out soon featuring our dragon. She would walk around with a bucket on her head, and there is NO biological reason why that would be beneficial to an apex predator.

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