Friday In the Bog

Okay, maybe not IN the bog, but definitely with the baby bog turtles at my zoo.

Remember the bright yellow neck rings? Here’s why they’re such good camouflage.

They look just like the play of light on the water, don’t they?


Ever wonder what bog turtles eat? A little bit of everything, really. At this stage, they love insects. What’s wrong with this picture?!

To give you an idea of how tiny these turtle hatchlings are, that’s a cricket on the left.


How in the world can a turtle so small eat something so large? Turns out, quite easily.


Excuse the shaky bit of film work at the end of the video. I’ve tried to trim it, but the site isn’t cooperating.

Have a great weekend! Buckle your seat belts and prepare for the cute. Next week, I’ll share what I’ve been up to.

Test Your Eyes

If you’ve been with me any length of time, you know how proud I am of my zoo. If you’re  new reader, the easiest way to catch up is to Google “tortoise belly button.” No, for real. You’ll even see some of my images right there on the first page. Those are my current contribution to society. I am so proud to be famous for something. It beats being infamous for anything. Anywho (which is a word, according to Urban Dictionary, and may be the only entry that has no inappropriate connotation. I don’t think. Let me double-check.), back to the zoo.

One mark of a great zoo is that they not only take excellent care of the animals in their collection, but they also support and participate in relevant conservation projects outside their own facility. I can easily say that my zoo does just that.

My zoo’s reptile department has been involved in bog turtle conservation and research for over 20 years. The late Director pioneered the project, and it’s still going strong. They’ve discovered some amazing things over their years of captive breeding and re-release. For one, bog turtle hatchlings are tiny, and they grow so slowly that it takes them 10 year to venture forth from their hiding places to search for a mate. When I say hatchlings are tiny, I do mean tiny.  Remember these little babies? They are giants compared to baby bog turtles. Don’t believe me?

Do you see it?

Look at how small the eggs are compared to my finger tips. Oh, wait. What else is in there?

How about now?

Look closely! You may already see it.

How about now?

Here’s the fun. There are TWO of them in here! See them? Larger than life.

They’re about the size of a June bug. Imagine traipsing around a bog looking for one of these! If you still can’t see both of them, here they are.

How cute are they?

For more information about the bog turtle project, visit The Nature Conservancy’s.  26 species of rare plants and animals call this nature preserve home. It’s such a great story about the great things that can be done in a teeny, tiny corner of the world.