Nearly Wordless Wednesday 11/30

Hello, Back of Couch. Take a memo.

It has been a few weeks since Daylight Saving time kicked in, and I have finally managed to reset all of the clocks in the house. Yes, it did take us this long. Thank you for asking. I am now taking suggestions on resetting the 16-year-old cat. She has a standing appointment with the living room couch upstairs at 5:45am, but something has gone awry, as she now appears to be set for Greenwich Mean Time. I seem to have misplaced the instruction manual for the cat-clock. Here’s what I have learned the hard way.

1) Cat-clocks do not come with snooze buttons.

2) Cat-clocks do come equipped with claws, therefore a search for a snooze button is inadvisable.

3) Cat-clocks are unbelievably loud and persistent at 1:30am. And 2am. And 4:30am.

4) If anyone in the entire house wants to sleep, the cat-clock must be allowed to win.