Easing You Into Monday

It’s me here! Ready to make your Monday a little less awful!

Last Monday I featured something you never thought you’d see on my blog. MAMMALS! We visited with a litter of newborn English cocker spaniel puppies. Guess what? They’ve grown like little monsters. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

At two weeks of age, their eyes are opening.

LOOK! Peepers!

And they’re taking their first wobbly steps.

She’s still pretty unsteady on her pins.

But they still do a lot of this:

Look at how much pigment has appeared in their tiny little noses. Their heads are lovely. They have potential to be wonderful show dogs.


Hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago, the puppy on the right looked like this:

So tiny.

Jill  requested an update when they started playing. I aim to please, you know!


and then there’s this one:


Happy Monday, friends!



You Never Thought You’d See This On MY Blog!

I’m usually so predictable.You’ve come to expect certain things of me. I eat MoonPies, I…wait. What else do I do? Oh, yeah. I post pictures and stories of baby reptiles. Now I’m shaking things up. This morning, I ate a cupcake for breakfast, and now I bring you photos of baby mammals! It’s a mixed up, crazy world.

A friend of mine raises and shows English cocker spaniels. Last week, her lovely girl had a litter of much-anticipated puppies. Since my friend works full-time, I’m the puppy sitter! Long before I ever grew scales and a shell, I was a dog girl.

One day old and already knows how to take care of business.

Each pup is marked with a dab of nail polish (see, not so different from tortoises!), a different color for each pup. This is Green Girl.

The mom’s name is Lily. Doesn’t she have the most wonderful face?

All lined up at the lunch counter

The differences between baby reptiles and baby mammals are vast. Newborn mammals are helpless and completely dependent on their moms. Newborn puppies can’t even hear yet!

Look at how their ears are closed. They are less than a day old here. Ears and eyes don’t open for a couple of weeks.

If you watched Friday’s video, you’ve seen a tiny bog turtle, only a month older than these puppies, hunt down a cricket. Reptiles come into the world prepared to get the job done. Mammals don’t. They have to learn how to be the animals they are, and one of the ways they practice their mad mammalian skills is through play. Reptiles don’t play.

Right now, the puppies don’t play, either. They do a lot of this:

This is puppy at one week of age. Note the pigment that is now appearing on her nose. And the fuzz that is beginning to fill in on her muzzle makes her look out of focus, even in person.

But very soon, they will wake up and play. I can’t wait!