Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Nature Is Weird

Remember my best decorating scheme ever? Things are happening there.

Click to enlarge. It’s insane!

My kid has the coolest teacher. Look what else is growing in her classroom!

Note the egg tooth on the end of its beak. The kids got to watch them hatch, too!

Note the egg tooth on the end of its beak. The kids got to watch them hatch, too!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Oh, Well.

Squish is sick. I have plans for the weekend that do not involve sick children. Kind of important plans. The last time I made these same plans, the Padawan ended up having a biopsy the day before I was to leave. On Halloween.

Anyway, we’ll be fine. We’re at the doctor’s office this very minute getting good advice. But there’s no time for a post. So you get puppies.

Pssst! The cookies are in the cabinet behind you. Pass it on!

Shhh! He’s ready for a nap!

I eat you up!

Puppies make everything better. Now, you guys keep my spot warm. I’ll be back really soon. I hope.

What’s the most inconveniently timed illness or injury you’ve ever had? Talk amongst yourselves.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: A Marriage of Convenience

Squish has decided that Blossom the Brainless Cat is almost as good as having a little brother. And it’s the closest he will ever get. (Why do I hear God laughing every time I say something like that?)

Blossom has decided that it is fall, and Squish is warmer than the laminate flooring. It’s a match made in heaven. Or Purgatory. I’m not sure how long this will last.

I can’t explain the helmet except to say that perhaps he is preparing for the bumps along the road to a true relationship. Or he was riding his bike in the family room.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday

Today I’m guest posting over on Blurt! Don’t worry, it’s Wednesday, so the post doesn’t have very many words. Don’t be afraid, friend. Stop over for a visit, and then stay awhile. You’ll be glad you did. Here’s a link to his guide to calling in sick, and to one of my very favorites, dealing with anonymous grief. Enjoy! And come visit. I’ll know if you didn’t. Well, not really, but it’s the principle of the thing, you know.