Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Wizard of Awwwws

Shhh! Ah, who am I kidding? You could march a drum corps over his head, and he still wouldn’t wake up.

Look at that! No words at all this time! Oh, wait…

.Wish me luck, friends. I start a new part-time job tomorrow. Who’s excited? I AM!

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What Cats Think of Roofers

Apparently cats do not hold roofers in high regard. At least the cats who can hear.

She has abandoned the prime real estate on the back of the couch upstairs in favor of a tiny space under a Duplo table next to a Tonka truck. comfy, no? Um, no.

Poor kitty! Please excuse the ugly furniture. We have two old and incontinent cats, so we are holding off on buying anything new for a bit.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What the Magazines Don’t Tell You

I learned something that makes me happy. There’s a real benefit to organic vegetables that you won’t read in any magazine. When I make a pizza and add fresh peppers that were grown here at home,

So pretty. So delicious. I don’t have Instagram, so I am limited in my opportunities to show off my food. 


my kids will never touch it, and I don’t have to share. That’s even better than being healthy in my book.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: What Happens When You Don’t Listen


Your kid paints your toenail burgundy.

Not my huge, hairy hobbit foot. No, really. This is my husband’s foot. All my toenails match. In fact, they match his. That was my polish she used.


Runners kill toenails. Usually their own. And sometimes they try to hide the dead nail fact with pretty pink nail polish. The Princess of Darkness observed her dad’s icky nail with an artist’s eye. Let the record show, she did say “Dad, that pink polish isn’t working. Can I repaint it with burgundy?”

And let the record show, he said “Mmmm-hmmm….” Maybe I should strike from the record that he was reading the news after work on the internet. Anyhoo, thirty minutes later, he looked down at his toe. And maybe screamed a little. But not in a girly way. In a “how am I going to wear Chacos in public, and do we have any polish remover?” kind of way.

Maybe he has learned to listen more carefully before he agrees to anything. Or maybe he’s just going to pretend he has boo-boo until the paint chips off.


***I’m making a list of my favorite names for voting. Coming soon.

Nearly Wordless Wednesday: Tiger Mom

Call me Tiger Mom. I place strict demands on my children by forcing them to practice their skills for hours everyday. My kids aren’t gymnasts or dancers. Nor do they play musical instruments. Or baseball. And they don’t go to Karate class. Everyone else does those things, and you know how I feel about cliches, right?

But I am determined that my son will be world champion before his fifth birthday. I think we’ve got this baby in the bag! Not my actual baby, you know. The championship. In 2013, Squish will be headed to the World Planking Championships. Yes, there is such a thing. Google it.

Get those arms back! Two more hours! Next week, we're moving the stools apart two more feet!