Making Choices

Last week I did something that many have warned me not to do. I prayed for patience. And God listened. Gaining patience is a lot like making a diamond. Lots of pressure over along period of time. This week has been a trial by fire, and I’m laid raw. Everything touches me deeply, and my emotions are extremes in every direction.  But what I see here is a choice. I can focus my energy on clogged plumbing and repair bills and wallow in the depths of despair, or I can occupy my brain by appreciating better things. Today, I bring you my joys.

Things I Love About Squish

1) The way he says “Ta-da!” after pooping. I think more people should do this. Life in public restrooms might be more fun. I will if you will.

2) His ability to delay gratification. He is carrying around the same five M&M’s that I gave him early this morning. He can keep a snack as a pet. I wish I could do that. I have never met a snack that I didn’t snarf in five minutes.

3) The way he says M&M’s. It comes out “neminems.” I would feed them to him all day long just to hear him say it.

4) His new phrase is “I can burp my ABC’s!” He gets all the way to “D.” It’s an exciting development, as he has shown no interest in learning the alphabet until now. I will work with what I have. I’m going out to buy him some soda and see if we can get all the way to “Q.”

5) He is growing up. In the good way. I have taught toddler classes at the zoo the last couple of weeks, and he can sit on his bottom and listen. Without a wrangler. He even shared with his friends. And the zoo speaks to his heart the way it does to mine.

Squish, meet Korbin ferret.

6) That boundless energy can be channeled. When we go for our afternoon walks, he can run for over two miles without asking to be carried. This summer, hikes with the family will take on a whole new meaning.

7) He has amazing ability to multi-task. He can suck his thumb and pick his nose with one hand. Who wouldn’t envy that kind of dexterity?

8) He’s an adventurous eater. Who knew that magic marker ink was so tasty? And fun. Turns the tongue bright blue!

9) Little things make him happy. His whole day is brighter when he sees a train. Or a backhoe. Or a garbage truck.


There’s so much good around me if only I look. Cilantro is making an unexpected appearance in my herb garden. My husband went out to get milk so that I didn’t have to. The baby tortoises are doing great, and I got to give them their first soak and take them outside in the sun. I’ll post an update tomorrow. Complete with pictures because no baby tortoise story is complete without pictures.


Sneak peek!