That Sounds About Right

You may have already heard the news. My good buddy Phil failed to see his shadow. Or as I prefer to think of it, after allegedly living for over 100 years, he has finally learned to tell the difference between his shadow and a coyote. Anyway, this is what you get when you let a rodent predict your weather.

snowy snow 002

Good call, Phil.

On the other hand, his predictions aren’t any less accurate than my local meteorologists’.

Lost In Translation: Meteorology Edition

What your weather-predicting folks say, and what they really mean. Why do we even bother? 


Late Frost Warning: I think it’s funny to see people tuck their azaleas in at night!

Here’s a look at the Doppler: Swirly, colorful pictures make me look wise. Like Gandalf.

Maps are so pretty! Studies show that just by presenting a map, my IQ has gone up 15 points in your eyes. You are not supposed to notice that I was too lazy to draw the individual states.

High Today: I might be.

Partly Sunny/ Partly Cloudy:  Depends on my mood. If I’m glum, you get partly cloudy. If I have a date with a model after work, the world is partly sunny.

Seven Day Forecast: I’ve been playing with my Magic Eight Ball.

Heat Advisory: It might actually snow.

Slight chance of showers: Build an ark.

Haven’t We Done This Dance Before?

School walkathon this morning. The weather report said “Rain won’t move in until after 10am. Oh, really? So why is it pouring on my head as I walk home at 9:15? Haven’t we had this discussion already?

I consult Jojo the Dojo.

Look at the wisdom in those whiskers

He says it’s going to be a wet day. But that’s what he always says. Because he’s, well, he’s a fish.