Mea Culpa

It’s my fault, and I’ll just go ahead and throw that out there right now. All you good folks who are wondering wondering what happened to that fine spring weather, it was me. I happened, and I am sorry.

As you may be aware, I’m warm-natured. The last three weeks, I’ve been engaged in mortal combat with my dear husband for control of the ceiling fan remote. It has been almost too hot to sleep, and in my desperation, I did something I knew I shouldn’t. I removed the electric mattress cover and all of the quilts from my bed. And stored them.  I know. Again, I am so sorry.

As I could have predicted, within two days of the Great Removal, the weather took a turn for the weird. Daily storms and incremental drops in temperature. Yesterday, it was so cold that even I had to eschew shorts and wear jeans, and I spent the entire night shivering under inadequate coverage, too cold to sleep, and too lazy to get up and get more blankets. It was a tough place to be.

If I ever question impact in this world whatsoever, I need only remember this week. Be glad I am lazy and stopped where I did. If I had gone the extra mile and swapped out the winter clothes, we’d be in the middle of an ice age right now.

36 thoughts on “Mea Culpa

  1. As far as how I feel about the cold, well I could be described as a human polar bear, so no need to feel any guilt about me. My wife is the opposite and gets cold very easily – but I promise not to rat you out and tell her what you’ve done. It’s to my advantage anyway, since she actually told me once that she married me for my warmth, and she wasn’t talking about my emotional warmth; she meant the warmth of my body to keep her warm. So all is well here. Lol

  2. Like you I eschew the cold and demand warmth! I don’t mind a bit of rain now and then, after all the plants and grass need it, North Texas like most of this part of the country has been under drought for years so rain is most welcome actually (just wish it would happen at night rather than for days on end).

    I must ask though, if you recognize the fault is yours; please calm it down. Last weeks hail and tornado’s were a bit much.

  3. I want summer so badly its pathetic. I get up in the morning, shiver a bit in my arctic tundra of a home and just close my eyes and dream of grasslands and prairies. Oh dear me, the thought is beautiful. I love spring but Jesus I need me some 95 degree weather.

  4. Ah yes. I know this phenomenon so well. It’s like when you schedule a haircut for your miserable mop and then the very next day have the best hair day you’ve had since 1998.

  5. Don’t apologize. Because of you, I wasn’t sweating like a hog all day while desperately rushing from shade spot to shade spot while I was out and about. This not only makes me happier, but also makes everyone around me who has to listen to me whine when it gets hot very happy, too. Really, you did a public service!

  6. BC: I knew it was you! 🙂 I am dying here–freezing my tukus off. My husband and I had one of those classic bedroom scenes all through the night where he kept stealing the covers in his sleep and wrapping himself up in them like a tootsie roll. Then I’d try and steal the covers back because I would wake up shivering. Bring on the heat! In the meantime, I know who to blame. 🙂 Fun piece.

  7. I moved off a mountain community last summer after 15 years. I couldn’t take the winters anymore. This winter has been one of the mildest anyone can remember. I think I am responsible and deserve the thanks of everyone I left behind. 🙂

  8. I love this because our air went out completely late in the day on Wednesday (oh the fun never ends at our house) and I called to complain that I’ve got a BABY and need AIR. They were out to fix it the very next morning when the weather decided to get cold. We’ve been running the heat ever since. You just can’t win.

  9. I can’t believe I’m saying this because I know I will pay for it later. It’s actually warm here in San Antonio – 88 today, I think. Perhaps we are outside your weather payback range.

  10. at least I know who to blame now! And I’m also not as bitter about the weather now that I know that it’s been brought on by you…instead of say, God trying to make me go crazy being house-bound with three little kids. 😉

  11. I won’t blame you because I think you are just too far away to affect the weather in Western Canada. We had beautiful weather here – a mild winter & not a lot of snow, until Good Friday when we had more snow in one day than the whole rest of the winter! I thought it was my fault because our daughter was driving from Wpg. for their first visit since we moved out west. I’ll take the blame for Alberta & you can have the blame for your area – how’s that? Nothing like sharing!

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