Sometimes Good Things Come in Small Packages

But some of them come in big ones. Great big ones.

Amy at Lucy’s Football is celebrating 2 whole years in the blogging world. You may remember her when she was Freshly Pressed with this magnificent post.

Amy is awesome. She shares my disdain for mean practical jokery, and she loves theatre so much that I need to go and see her so we can take in a Broadway play together.

Anyway, she had a sneaky giveaway, and guess who won? Um, yeah. Me. Yippee! Hop on over and pay a visit and catch my guest post. And what was in the giveaway? I can’t tell you. You’ll have to visit the photo montage to find out.

Come and visit by clicking here, and be sure to congratulate her on two whole years of blogging!

2 thoughts on “Sometimes Good Things Come in Small Packages

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