Things That Are Better In Pairs

Things in life that are best when they come in a multi-pack:

  • Shoes
I couldn't wear these. I have the balance of a drunk newborn wildebeest.

I couldn’t wear these. I have the balance of a drunk newborn wildebeest.

  • Socks
Buy me these. I needs these. Source

Buy me these. I needs these. Source

  • Cookies. I’ll take two pairs of cookies, thanks. Make that a dozen!
I definitely need these in my life!

I definitely need these in my life!

    • Underwear. Although technically I am not sure I understand the concept of “pair of underwear.” Unless they’re counting the leg holes? Anyone know? Anyone? Bueller

      I don't understand "brief," either.

      I don’t understand “brief,” either.

    • Kittens.
How happy am I? Pretty darned happy!

How happy am I? Pretty darned happy!


Never adopt just one kitten when you can have two. I cannot recommend pairs of kittens highly enough. Especially little black ones. They have a harder time finding a home. The adoption organization we got the baby kittens from is the same one who matched us with Pixel and Bellatrix. They run specials on black cats and kittens because they are so hard to place.

Meet Pandora. She’s on the right. We adopted her the day after we got Ravenclaw. It was too hard to leave her behind. In theory, she was to go with the Girl-child to college. In reality, she is so bonded to her sister that I don’t think we can ever separate them. Sorry, Girl-child! Would you perhaps like a pony instead?


Don’t have the ability to adopt a cat or kitten? You can still help. Click the PayPal button on Happy Paws’ website to donate. Even $5 buys some cat litter. You can even sponsor the adoption of the cat or kitten of your choice so someone of lower income may be able to take home a best friend for life. No, I am not being paid to advertise. I just think this rescue does a great job!

15 thoughts on “Things That Are Better In Pairs

  1. You’re right kittens should come in pairs. We adopted a brother and sister pair 13 years ago. They are true siblings, one minute they are fighting and the next they are grooming each other!

  2. Z O M G I W A N T T H E M S O B A D!!!!

    Now, as to whether I am referring to the kittens or the shark socks? I dunno either. And Nathan would probably eat one of them, whichever we are talking about.

  3. We had a black kitten for two days. It was wandered around our neighborhood crying. I lured it into our screen porch that night with bed and food and sent out an email blast to neighborhood. It was litter box trained, extremely friendly — AND Talkative!! But another couple, who had just lost their old black cat, offered to foster if/until claimed. How could I refuse especially since our Lucy wanted a piece of it. Never heard from the owners.

  4. I could have sent you my little black kitty who insists on laying on me even though it is like 100 degrees out. OK so technically she is not a kitty since she is 10, but she is black and she is still kitten sized at only 8 pounds. 🙂

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