Easing You Into Monday

It’s me here! Ready to make your Monday a little less awful!

Last Monday I featured something you never thought you’d see on my blog. MAMMALS! We visited with a litter of newborn English cocker spaniel puppies. Guess what? They’ve grown like little monsters. Don’t believe me? Check it out.

At two weeks of age, their eyes are opening.

LOOK! Peepers!

And they’re taking their first wobbly steps.

She’s still pretty unsteady on her pins.

But they still do a lot of this:

Look at how much pigment has appeared in their tiny little noses. Their heads are lovely. They have potential to be wonderful show dogs.


Hard to believe that just a couple of weeks ago, the puppy on the right looked like this:

So tiny.

Jill  requested an update when they started playing. I aim to please, you know!


and then there’s this one:


Happy Monday, friends!



37 thoughts on “Easing You Into Monday

    • I know! I do clean up after them, but that’s where the responsibility ends. I love playing with them, but it’s nice to not have to do all the worrying that goes along with baby puppies!

  1. Aww, I love puppies!

    Also, the purple in the last video, is that a bath mat? If so, we have the same one. If not . . . we have a bathmat that looks just like whatever that is.

  2. Cute puppies on your blog DOES NOT make up for your mass exit from FB.

    I know we are not besties but I miss you. I so enjoyed your posts. :,(

    Have a great week!


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